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We exist to help clients solve problems. We are proud to have a small but incredibly dedicated team of specialist and experienced lawyers who always adopt a can do attitude and are available 24/7.

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It's really quite simple. We believe in plain talking and taking a pragmatic, commercial approach to cases; placing the needs and interests of clients above our own and acting with integrity and honesty.

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We are not your typical law firm. We follow no preset notion of what a law firm should look like, operate like or act like. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that we provide the highest quality service to our clients in an environment that is professionally and personally rewarding.

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Our work encompasses the whole ambit of legal issues that arise within the shipping, transport, insurance and renewable energy sectors. We also assist clients with general, non-contentious commercial and corporate support.


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We are committed to sharing our expertise and knowledge as well as keeping you up to date with all our news. If you're looking for expert comment across any of our practice areas, have any other media enquiries or to find out more about our news stories, please contact Carol Stovin.

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“Liberty to apply” means “liberty to arrest / re-arrest”

In the recent case, FSL-9 PTE Ltd and another v Norweigan Hull Club [2016] EWHC 1091 (Comm), the Commercial Court had to consider the meaning of the phrase “liberty to apply” when included in a P&I Club letter of undertaking in the context of a vessel damage claim.

Who’s really the boss? The question of control of owner-managed companies

It is not uncommon in owner-managed companies for the distinction between the roles of directors and shareholders and the powers which attach to each to become blurred, or simply to be overlooked altogether. However, the differences are important and need to be kept in mind when considering who, if any single person at all, controls a private company limited by shares (being the most common form of corporate vehicle). You may take the view that by virtue of a majority shareholding, you have control, but if push comes to shove, will the law agree with your assessment? Powers of the directors

WORLD TRADE AT 1 EVENT - New sea container regulations set to affect businesses in transport chain

A ‘World Trade at 1’ event on Tuesday, May 17, will look at a major change in legislation relating to sea containers, which will have a significant impact on the responsibilities of businesses involved in the transport chain when it comes into effect on July 1, 2016.