Shipping Law

We have considerable experience of, and a strong reputation for wet shipping law, dry shipping law and technical advice. Our services can be utilised from “cradle to grave” or simply in respect of distinct and separate issues. Either way, we aim to integrate with our clients and their other service providers to provide a truly unique team approach to ensure a successful resolution of the matter.

Wet shipping

  • Casualty investigation;
  • Personal injury/fatal accident claims (including industrial diseases, Norovirus etc);
  • Collision, towage and salvage cases;
  • Wreck removal;
  • Heavy weather damage claims;
  • Public & official enquiries and investigations;
  • Training, audit and advisory services for health & safety and statutory compliance;
  • Ship arrest/Marine debt recovery;
  • MCA detention notices, investigations including PACE interviews and prosecutions relating to Merchant Shipping Act and COLREGS offences.

Dry shipping

  • Carriage of goods by sea including charterparty and bills of lading disputes;
  • Cargo claims and insurance recoveries;
  • International trade and transportation;
  • Terminal Operations;
  • Port Agents.


  • Ship repair and build disputes;
  • Mechanical/machinery damage claims;
  • Bunker disputes and drafting sales terms for bunkers;
  • General average claims.